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Lincoln ES teacher creates Fan Mail to support students during remote learning

  Lincoln Elementary School Learning Behavior Specialist Janet Flaa recognized the importance of connecting and supporting her students during remote learning.

So, she created “Fan Mail” to do just that.

Flaa sends monthly Fan Mail to her third-grade students to thank them for their hard work during remote learning.

“I hope Fan Mail is motivating the students and reminding them they are important," Flaa said. “I want to connect with them personally until we can meet in person,” she added.

Flaa gives students Fan Mail points during class when she recognizes a student who is doing a good job. Students can earn points for good participation, being on time for class for a whole week, answering hard questions, using kind words when they talk to their peers and more, Flaa added.

“I give them Fan Mail points and tell them I am their ‘biggest fan’ because of how hard they were working on being a good student during remote learning,” Flaa said.

After earning Fan Mail points, Flaa sends students a personalized letter or postcard and some goodies such as pencils, stickers, coloring sheets and more.

“Each letter is a little different because I want to connect with each student personally,” Flaa said.

Lincoln Elementary School parent Kelly DeVolder has seen the impact Fan Mail has on her daughter.

“This has been incredibly motivating for my daughter,” DeVolder said.

“In these very strange times, it’s so inspiring to see our teachers’ creativity and dedication to building real, meaningful connections with their students,” she added.



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